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Followers, one stop wholesale goods for buyers interested in Mens Flip Flops, Ladies Flip Flops, Kids Flip Flops and Lubricating Oils (Petrolubes). With manufacturing base in Nepal and Thailand, is promoted by Bagmati Group of companies. For more information visit: Wholesale Footwear

Thongs Footwear Wholesale Good Quality Rubber Thongs

Rubber thongs footwear items are quiet popular among Australian sub-continent. We have been engaged in manufacturing Rubber Thongs that suits different mood and tone. Stylish yet fashionable rubber Thongs are footwear item that could be good for all occasions. Our good quality rubber thongs are made available for wholesalers or distributors engaged in importing all

Women Flipflops Good Quality Rubber Flipflops

Women prefer trendy flipflops, they prefer to get their good quality rubber flipflops which would match their need of differnt styles of clothing needs. We are manufacturing women flipflops that are good quality women rubber flipflops for designer cloth-wear. Printed good quality women rubber flipflops are being developed in our manufacturing base. It is designed considering their

Wholesale Thongs Ladies Rubber Thongs Flipflops for Wholesalers

Wholesale thongs ladies rubber thongs flipflops for wholesalers comes in two tone made out of rubber. These beautiful rubber based ladies thongs are manufactured in Thailand and meant for Wholesalers. Thongs ladies flipflops are designed to carter the demand and need seen in the industry across the world. We are here to support wholesalers willing

Export Item Good Quality Printed Ladies Rubber Thongs Flipflops

Quality is always a concern for flipflops. Ladies flipflops are manufactured by various company but here in Thailand we are specialized in good quality ladies printed rubber thongs flipflops and are chartering the need of ladies printed flipflops. Our export item good quality ladies rubber thongs flipflops are meant for export. We at present export

Horse Number One Printed Thai Rubber Flipflops

Echo friendly flipflops "Horse No. 1" printed flipflops comes with varieties of color to options to choose from. The matching color strap adds beauty to the flipflops. These flipflops are Thai made and are value for money items.

Cheap Printed Thailand Manufactured Flipflop

Manufactured in Thailand the offered flipflop is targeted for the lower market segment. These flipflops are available at very competitive wholesale rates. With varieties of color options and eye catching screen print we offer these flipflops at unbeatable price.

Export Grade Rubber Flipflop for Bulk Buyers

Export grade rubber flip-flops printed are targeted for wholesaler looking for bulk quantity. The offered flip-flops comes in varieties of attractive color options. The screen prints are customizable for bulk buyers where our bulk buyers can designs their own screen print and their own brand name and logo.

Wholesale Rubber Thongs Flipflops for Export

Wholesale rubber thongs made of natural rubber blended with EVA. The offered flipflop has red upper with quality color lower blue colored sole which perfectly match the color of the strap are available for our export market. These flipflops are available with us at reasonable prices and are highly appreciated among our customers.

Thai Flipflop Export Quality for Wholesalers

Export quality rubber flip-flops printed flip-flops are among the best selling flipflop from our manufacturing unit in Thailand. These slippers are for export and targeted for wholesaler looking for bulk quantity. These flip-flops comes in various colors such as: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Violet and brown and the screen prints are customizable for bulk buyers.

Screen Printed Rubber Slippers Horse Number One

Screen printed rubber slippers with horse designed strap comes with printed screen. The screen printed slippers has a block style sole and Horse Number One screen designed on the upper.

Men Fusion Flipflops Supplier Beachwear Slippers

Fusion flipflops are getting popular rapidly. They are starting to capture interest of all fashion geeks. Traditionally Rubber slippers with white upper and colorful sole were quiet popular also known widely as Nanyang slipper in Thailand. But Nanyang style of slippers are now history. It is time for fusion flipflops more attractive color and designs.

Men Flipper Slippers Wholesale Rubber Flipflops

Malaysian Export quality Flipper rubber flipflops are among the best classic slipper we have. These Flipper rubber flipflops comes with variety of colors: Red, Green, Blue, Brown. These Thai made rubber slippers are among our best slippers. This classic flipflops comes with rubber strap and gaining popularity in Malaysia. The screen print and the logo are customizable

Good Quality Thailand Locals Flipflops

Good quality fashionable flip-flop are Natural rubber made along with EVA. These filp-flops comes in various color options and has flip-flops printed on it. We can make flip-flops as per our customer requirements by customizing the screen print and adding more color options. For trade enquiry please contact us for more details.

Flipper Lite Export Quality Fashionable Rubber Flip-flops

Flipper Lite printed rubber flip-flops for bulk buyers. These quality flip-flops are screen printed Fashionable flip-flops and are among the best looking flipflops from our manufacturing unit. These colorful sole has gone through number of processing as it involves 5 layers rubber sole.

Export Quality Fashionable Thai Flip-flops

Export quality flip-flops are screen printed Fashionable flip-flops. These filp-flops are EVA and rubber based which are recycle and eco friendly. These colorful sole along with matching straps adds stunning looks to the slipper. For trade enquiry please contact us.

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Budget Printed Rubber Slippers Made in Thailand

Budget rubber slippers are printed slippers manufactured in Thailand. These rubber slippers are available to be sold in bulk at competitive wholesale rates. We have got our designers to pay special attention while design the print of these budget slippers. These print doesn't fade easily. These budget slippers are meant for allowing customization of different