Asador estilo argentino

Asador estilo argentino Ok, so maybe it's not a pizz oven but it is how people in Italy grill/roast their meats.

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Plano Parrilla a la Estaca, formato asador.

Plano Parrilla a la Estaca, formato asador.

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definatly a wood grill for outdoor summer kitchen

It's a restaurant called The Salt Lick in Texas. I would like to re-echo the best repost I read about this place: been to a restaurant in Spain, with a grill in the restaurant like this

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Cook over an open wood fire using a crank to raise or lower the grates for heat control. Steve Raichlen is a big fan.

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37 Creative Storage Solutions to Organize All Your Food & Supplies

screw a walk in closet.this is my closet dream! oh to have a pantry shelves that are only one jar deep. take full jar, eat, and return empty jar to vacant space, inverting it to keep dust out. that would be ideal.