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the words energy flows where intention goes written on a piece of white paper with black ink
an open book with writing on it and a pen resting on top of the page
Alicia Hunker and 'Scary Close': A Vulnerable Path To Confident Teaching | KQED
the journey is the destination poster with a man standing on top of a mountain holding a banner
Journey Is The Destination Print
there are places you haven't been where you already belong, and here is an advertisement
a woman with curly hair holding up a camera to take a selfie in front of her face
Picture from FiveMemoirs on Instagram.
there is a sign that says even a bad day is just 24 hours on the wall
Icy Victory
a red car parked on the side of a road next to a lush green field
Skincare Selfie, Make Up, Haar, Maquillaje, Pretty Black, Girl, Makeup, Afro
Self Care hottie.
a drawing of a frog saying whatever it is youre probably over - thinking if
Fashion Models, Fashion Photography, Catwalk Fashion, Fashion Aesthetic, Aesthetic Clothes, Fashion Fashion, Fashion Trends, Fashion Runway, Runway Fashion
49 Afro Hairstyles for the Afrocentric Naturalista – Svelte Magazine
a drawing of a head with a thought bubble above it that says, don't believe everything you think
motivational gentle quotes phone background