I love this deep porch with the beautiful wood floor and ceiling. Oh, to live in a place where I could enjoy a porch like this!

Sun room by cathleen

Delightful variation on the conservatory - a hexagonal wall of arched windows under a glass doomed roof with quarry tile floor makes for an intimate dining room. Maybe mirrors could be used in lieu of windows?

Epic 25 Best Basement Ideas https://ideacoration.co/2017/11/21/25-best-basement-ideas/ No matter which sort of room you choose to turn you basement into, the basement flooring is a significant factor to the design.

25 Best Basement Ideas

Doesn't HAVE to be hard? WILL be hard? ---Constructing a reading nook doesn’t have to be hard. Give these 4 DIY reading nook projects a try!

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Chalkboard wall at Industry Home. Chalkboards are always a fun addition. The cushions add that nice homely touch.

interior The neutral colors of the french doors and the walls throughout the room are the Parisian style. The chevron floors are also an indicator that this is Parisian.


You Had One Job! (and You Failed Spectacularly!): You Had One Job! (and You Failed Spectacularly!

Glass wall

Description from the architects: The residence belongs to a young and energetic lawyer who once a week likes to entertain friends. The project has been executed in the style of a loft with a great number of characteristic receptions.


How to build a kitchen storage bench – adding extra, Do you have a nook in your kitchen that’s just the place for a cozy bench?


Brilliant idea for adding storage to a staircase. Add built-in shelving along a staircase wall for storage and displaying favourite accessories or books.