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Rey 👑 de reyes
an open window with the sky in the background and a bible verse written below it
a black background with the words el reino, el cielo no estsanos sostennindos levitate y and que la reges camino to resta
a cell phone with the caption'no permits que un mensaje de texto que diga te extrano te hag vor
an airplane flying over a city under a blue sky with the words venceremos por medio de jesus
a man with a backpack walking up a hill in front of the words el camino es largoo, pero val
the eiffel tower is in the background and there are stairs leading up to it
a person in a hooded jacket looking out over a city at night with the words, en la via hay tempo para toto, menos para rendre
the poster for nadda tarda tanto, with an image of a city in the background
*✿**✿*sigueme como Mildred Rojas.*✿**✿*
a man holding a baseball bat in front of his face with words above him that read el sabio nunca
Sabiduría en estado puro...
a neon sign that says tu sestos en mis planes
Solo tu.
a neon sign with the words no se blvd sin o scurbal
No sé brilla sin oscuridad.
a man in a row boat on the water with a quote above it that says, gi
Vitamina Espiritual – Recursos Cristianos para Descargar
D. L. Moody Dios.😃 mi gran y único amigo , con el puedo estar segura. .