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a woman with her arm wrapped around a snake's head, in black and white
a woman is bending over with her hands on her head and legs in the air
a woman wearing a hat and holding a snake
a woman with her mouth open and snake on her head in front of her face
The hidden history of transsexual Paris: Intimate portraits documenting the lives of the red light district's 'ladies of the night'
a wolf standing on its hind legs in the snow
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a white dog with red eyes and blood on its mouth is staring at the camera
a drawing of a man with long hair and no shirt in the middle of a circle
Vitruvian Werewolf - "Petre’s hands flexed into fists at his sides and his back arched. His eyes set and his entire frame became rigid. He growled and grew and didn’t care, for it was already too late. The transformation had been allowed to occur and he was out-of-control. All fists and fur, claws and fangs, he launched upon the helpless, mourning Prince entirely without mercy…" #DOD1 #epicfantasy #fiction #indie #series #DestinyofDragons #DOD
a black and white photo of a wolf in the dark
a herd of deer standing on top of a snow covered field
Art by Alex Konstad
a black and white photo of a man on a horse with antlers in his hair
a black and white photo of a bull with horns on it's head standing in front of a cloudy sky
Dark forest, glow of the lake, an eternal dance of death
a black and white photo with birds flying in the air next to a tall tree
a black bird sitting on top of a tree in the foggy sky with mountains behind it
a person with a deer's head sitting in the middle of a forest filled with trees
two people sitting on the ground in front of a tree with large, twisted branches
a man in a black hooded jacket and hood
The Mysterious Digital Illustrations of Yuri Shwedoff
The Mysterious Digital Illustrations of Yuri Shwedoff
a white dog with it's mouth open and its teeth wide open, showing fangs
a giant black object with two swords sticking out of it's side in front of some trees
a black bird sitting on top of a piece of wood in front of a dark background
a voice in the dark
the cawing of crows heard on a dark moonless night lends darkness a voice
Wallpapers, Wallpaper
two hands with chains attached to them
a woman's eye with her reflection in the iris, black and white photo
Oh tears .. . . . . .When will you dry ? by queenenigma | Redbubble
Oh tears .. . . . . .When will you dry ?
an extreme close up view of the iris of a human eye
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