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an odd looking sculpture made out of eggs in a wooden frame with string wrapped around it
Do I go down this path?
an image of fish in the water with long braids on it's sides
an old fashioned radio sitting on top of a table
Jacob Jensen. Beolit 1000 Portable Radio. 1968 | MoMA
a black and white box sitting on top of a table
an old fashioned radio with a metal handle on it's front end and side panel
jasper morrison: danish design I like it!
the electronic device is white and has buttons on it's front panel, which can be used as a cd player
Wega Concept 51K "Skywalker"
Wega Concept 51K "Skywalker" | 1976 design by Hartmut Esslin… | Flickr
an old fashioned room with lots of clutter on the desk and shelves in it
Inside Paul Cézanne’s Studio
an old man sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper in front of him
massimo vignelli studio - Google Search
an old fashioned room with lots of furniture and decor on the walls, along with a large window
cezanne studio - Google Search
a man sitting in a chair with a black cape over his head
Jimmy Nelson - XXXIII 27 // XXXIII PNG Coastal (47.24" x 39.37")
a man sitting on a chair in an empty room
A Tribute to Cy Twombly: His Home in Vogue, 1966
So inspired by Cy Twombly's amazing apartment in Rome photographed for Vogue in 1966. #design #cytwombly #interiordesign #decor #vogue #style #pastel #decorate