crocheted vest

-sweater vest with big cowl neck and big armholes -super plushy soft wool alpaca. very warm, incredibly soft. -one size, loose fit, will accomodate many figures types FYI- I've only managed to get a few Miners Vests made for this season. This style


Вязание жакет,кардиган.пиджак лето

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Huntress Cowl Vest pattern by Jazodee Studio

brainflossandmindfrills: “knittedcreations: “CROCHET PATTERN Huntress Cowl Shawl Asymmetrical Crossbody Vest Sweater Wrap PDF Womens, Teens Accessories by Jazodee USD).

abrigo tejidos de punto.


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Suéter mano de punto de las mujeres hecha a mano por BANDofTAILORS

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