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two tree stumps are sitting in the sand next to some plants and rocks on the beach
Woodland Knoll Leaf Birdbath
two small figurines sitting on top of a moss covered ground next to a yellow flower
Miniature Fairytale Hammock
a green tent sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to plants and small figurines
Woodland Knoll Themed Fairy Garden Accessories | Free Shipping on orders over $100
a close up of a green plant with leaves on it's side and rocks in the background
Miniature Fairy Garden Pea Pod Canoe
a rock hanging in the middle of a garden
a miniature green chair sitting on top of a rug next to rocks and mossy plants
a small green plant sprouting from a tree stump
Mini Leaf Birdbath with Frog
a green leaf is sitting on top of a white surface next to a silver wire
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two small green toy animals sitting on top of a wooden table next to a leaf
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a card and some beads on a table next to a box with a sign that says fairy
Fairy Garden Kit Gardening Gift Fairy Bedroom Set 4 Items Stone Miniature Garden Sculpture Fairy Garden Gift Garden Sculpture - Etsy