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BIRD Decoupage - Easy Way Paper for Decoupage
Painting process ✨ Mixed media florals
My process of painting my commissioned original “Still Waters” . I love to see how the vision changes as I paint. So often as artists we go in to a painting with an idea of how it will be, but the paint always takes it somewhere better ✨ . Commission your own piece at . #art #artist #artistatwork #artworkoftheday #commissionedart #commissionpainting #painting #mixedmediaart #floralart #waterlily #canvaspaintingacrylic #sophiebridglandart #artforthehome
two teddy bears are hung on the wall
there are many stuffed animals in the frame
a baby's birth shadow box with pictures and items
68 Nursery Ideas for a Cozy and Colorful Baby Room
an ornate frame holds a pair of baby's shoes with a bow on it
A Keepsake to Remember This Day by...
Abstract art 🥰
a woman with flowers on her head and hands near her face, sitting in front of a plant
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