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Kids Valentines Day Party - healthy heart fruits

Kids Valentines Day Party - healthy heart fruits

Found this frutilicious idea for a kids Valentines Day party .. Wow! No candy and chocolate here - only fresh fruits (organic would be better, eh!) Absolutely delectable treat from Life in Wonderland website. Just one suggestion here.. reuse the rest of the fruit .. chop in tiny pieces and...

Healthy Heart Green Smoothie

Healthy Heart Green Smoothie

Did you know that celery is one of the best things you can eat to help protect your heart? This green veggie is packed full of vitamins and minerals that all work to keep your cardiovascular system working in tip top shape. Of special note are the compounds it contains known as phthalides. These compounds have a double heart protective effect by relaxing the smooth muscles that surround the artery walls, reducing the strain on the heart to pump blood as well as helping to reduce the…

21 Steps to A Healthy Heart. #HeartHealth via @Nancy Norris Medical

Heart Healthy Foods Supplements - My In-Depth Agel HRT Review

What if there was a way to lower cholesterol naturally with heart healthy foods supplements? I’ve gathered a thorough Agel HRT review analysis…

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red wine = healthy heart?

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Two more studies link having a drink or two each day to a healthy heart. A feature on Bloomberg BusinessWeek shared the efforts of a team of researchers from the University of Calgary, who conducted a review of 84 studies that looked into alcohol consumption and heart disease. Their analysis indicated that people who consumed alcohol moderately – with moderation defined as having one drink or less per day – are 14 to 25 percent less likely to develop heart disease, when compared against…

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2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year | National Geographic

Explore the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year photo galleries and see the winners.

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How to Improve Cardiovascular Endurance: Tips for a Healthy Heart Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Exercise, and PT

Why Improve Cardiovascular Endurance? Cardiovascular endurance is the most important element in any fitness program, as aerobic exercise is basically strength training for your heart. A strong hear...