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This is a terrific baby resting-cradle - good balance for the body and head (especially to avoid denting the skull in one spot). So important to keep moving babies' head-resting positions so they don't get flat head syndrome and their skull develops evenly. I make a similar cushion for babies I've cared for and they're great! They can safely roll to either side too and not have a flat surface that will dent the back of their head but will instead support their neck and be 'light' on the…

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Beautiful bohemian necklaces whipped up from inexpensive items from a local craft shop.

Patrones para diseñar cubre puertas muy originales. #Puertas #tela #proyecto

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Porquinho que vira travesseiro/ almofada

Porquinho que vira travesseiro/ almofada

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Bichinho que vira Travesseiro Hipopótamo - Hippo Pillow - no tutorial

Bichinho que vira travesseiro/almofada.  70x50

Bichinho que vira travesseiro

Almohadón infantil.

Almohada infantil con muñeco.

Bichinho que vira travesseiro / almofada

Bichinho que vira travesseiro / almofada

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