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two people are hugging each other while one is holding the other
十子🌟 on Twitter
十子 no Twitter: "ペアリング中 https://t.co/am7NCudjPW" / Twitter
some anime characters are standing together in the street at night with city lights behind them
two anime guys with orange hair and white shirts, one is holding his head in the air
two people are kissing each other in front of a plate with cake on it and one is holding a fork
X. It’s what’s happening
(*) Twitter
two young men standing next to each other with their arms around one another's shoulders
Nikki on Twitter
Nikki Jaeger no Twitter: "Wonder duo of Karasuno ♥ #ハイキュー #kagehina… " .
an anime character is jumping in the air with his head down and one hand up
The set is done aaaaahhh ( ̄Д ̄ looking forward to printing now ~~ hmm..just realized i placed the watermark in a odd spot, lmao. Hinata is shooting psybeams at kag’s crotch………..and missing…. ok i think i should sleep before i hurt myself. LOL. IwaOi...
three young men are sitting at a table and one is pointing to his index finger
♨️만덕♨️ on Twitter
♨️만덕♨️ no Twitter: "서로 다른 학교라도 모여서 공부햇으면 ㅠ… " .
an anime character with red hair standing next to another character wearing black and white shirts
Mou Ikkai!
Mou Ikkai!
two people sitting next to each other, one with his arm around the other's head
Plant Diaries
Plant Diaries
two young men riding on the back of a bike in front of a food cart