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18 Super Easy DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas

Traduccion: Adiós pies feos!!! Necesita: un cubo pequeño, 1 taza de agua caliente o tibia, listerine 1/2 tazas y 1/2 taza de vinagre blanco. Ponga los pies durante 15 minutos o 30 minutos.

cup listerine, cup vinegar and 2 cups warm water. Let feet soak for 10 min then rinse. Rub feet well with a towel removing excess skin. Then moisturize. by wendi

DIY Jar with Decorated Lid. Finally a use for those cheap figurines from the dollar store.

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Tatto Ideas 2017 Whimsical Laurels & Wreaths Clip Art // Photoshop Brushes // Hand Drawn Vector // Flowers Blossoms Foliage Berry Berries // Commercial Use

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We 'baby sat' for Homer yesterday. I bet he was the sweetest beagle puppy on earth but this one is a serious contender.

Desházte de la celulitis en un día

Deshazte de la celulitis en un día

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite. For basic mixture: – coffee (it is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates circulation); – anti-cellulite oil (try to find a decent brand with less chemicals) or coconut oil; – some plastic wraps.

mudras y su significado en español - Buscar con Google

mudras y su significado en español - Buscar con Google

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my inspiration Letter Table Top Idea. Wooden letters numbers adhered to a table top. I would have a piece of clear glass cut to place over the top of the letters

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