I bought some from Trader Joe's just this evening! 6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yerba Mate Tea

27 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Yerba Mate For Skin, Hair And Health

Mate has the strength of coffee, health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate.

Mate argentino con fundas de aguayo. Argentina

Argentina/ Argentin Mate customized with aguayo weave fabric & patters typical from the northern Argentina.

Benefits of Yerba Mate, a friend just introduced me to this, it's amazing

Benefits of Yerba Mate AND no fluoride like green/black tea leafs

Guayaki Yerba Mate Gourd Preparation Procedure Drawing

As the mate gourd is passed around, a sense of connection emerges. The first step of the ceremony is the preparation of the gourd. Typically, the cebador/a - mate server - prepares mate for a friend or a group of friends.

yerba mate, kettle and churros.... ... .... ... "With Love, The Argentina Family~Memories of Tango and Kugel; Mate with Knishes" - Available on Amazon

yerba mate, kettle and churros. Hmmm, reminds me of my book…

Yerba Mate Tea - chockfull of antioxidants & vitamins. It can help you lose fat because it contains the fat-fighting compound mateine, giving you a metabolism & energy boost. It is known as a cravings-killer & does not produce the caffeine-related crashes some people experience with coffee & can give you 3-4 hrs of stable, clean energy.

Yerba Mate Tea - Dr Oz and the Health Benefits of Tea, 12 teas - including 3 for weight loss.

30 de noviembre, Día Nacional del Mate. Serviliano Maidana, baqueano del general Lavalle, mateando. Saladillo,1878. Documento Fotográfico. Inventario 106310.

Organic Yerba mate tea has many health benefits. In South America, it is referred as "The Drink of the Gods.

Yerba Mate Tea has 90% more anti-oxidants than green tea; kills cancer cells….

Yerba Mate can help promote healthy bones (plus dont forget, it helps with fatigue, appetite control, a weakened immune system too)!