Free Famous Fonts - These are great for themed birthday parties!

Love and Laundry: My Favorite {Free} Famous Fonts: Handy for themed birthday party invitations & printables!

侍の芸術 (Arte Del Samurai) - Taringa!

侍の芸術 (Arte Del Samurai)

Samurai crests / Japanese Kamon 家紋: Kamon are emblems used to identify a family (coats of arms) in Japan

Corto Maltese | Hugo Pratt

Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt ~ Imagine a world in black and white (cartoon). a world, going to HongKong, into China. traders of tea, murderers and deadly women.


In some Chinese or Japanese households, one may find a pond in the backyard filled with koi, one of the most popular pond fish. How did the Koi Get it's colour? Koi Carps are actually a colour mutation of the classic common carp, originally a dull, .

Hugo Pratt

10 películas de aventuras

Hugo Pratt Corto Maltese : voyageur, libre et un peu fou.Une saga que vous…

Popped Culture: Son of Alien

So I was looking at René Magritte's famous "The Son of Man" and I thought. needs more Giger. So I defiled this beautiful original work of art with a . Son of Alien (Magritte w/Alien Facehugger Mashup)

Levi's Rolling Roadshow Tour posters

Dope graphic Rolling Roadshow Movie Posters from Olly Moss. A new design take on some movie classics - Robocop, Rocky, Dirty Harry, Blues Brothers and more.