Juana Marty

Juana Marty

my mama don't like you anD SHE LIKES EVERYONE
Juana Marty
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Omg what is that look at the end. That pleading baby look, please jungkook, you don't need ARMY thinking you're more of a baby than you already are

Hot or what??!!|| JUST BTS JUNGKOOK

Imagine: Jungkook: u know y/n I love u right but u have to wait until we go home so I can prove it You: OMO jungkook ah

BTS | JUNG KOOK - oh you little... He's discovering his powers.. our days are numbered..

"Kill them with success and bury them with a smile" Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster A book filled with preferences for these seven balls of sunshine by myself, kjchen.

(gife anırdım) ne istiyorsun?

Jungkook - not touching that with a 10 foot pole lest I be struck down by lightning. *backing away slowly*

JungKook || Kokie || dolor :v || BTS♥♥

no matter what, you'll be my lover for my whole life and i promis… Fanfiction

solo days

You know those guys where literally everything they do just seems so sensual unintentionally and they just give off this vibe that makes them seem really flirtatious? Yeah, that’s Jungkook.

"I hoped you would have changed," you said, your voice fading to a short silence. He let out a sarcastic sneer before an emotionless expression formed on his f.