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this is the long room in the library of trinity college dublin it's 300 years old, 213 feet long, and has over 200 books
Unbelievable facts
Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan New York | Happily Ever Style
an old wooden desk with many drawers on it's sides and two doors open
Looking Back at the Wooton Desk: A Unique Collectible - The Old Timey
an antique desk and chair with books on it
Harp Gallery Antique Furniture
an old fashioned desk and chairs in a room
a chair that is sitting on the ground next to a wall with a mirror in it
Reading chair from the 18th century
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a metal stand with wheels and shelves in the middle
a chair sitting in front of a table on top of a checkered floor
The original "I have several tabs open"
a round book shelf with books on it
Bookcases and More: Storage in the Round
an old library with many bookshelves and tables
Cool Bookish Places: Gladstone's Library