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Neat granny square poncho looking idea. Its colors and that fringe gives it a mix of hippie and Native American feel.

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Cowl Neck Poncho pattern by Simone Francis

Cowl Neck Poncho by Simone Francis Published in Simone Francis' Ravelry Store Printed: this source is a book, magazine, or pamphlet Simply Crochet, Issue 25 Crochet

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Bella Ombre Poncho Pattern No. 075  Not only are ponchos one of my favourite items to design, they are also one of my favourite accessories to wear. They make layering a breeze and will take you through the changing seasons. This 6 page crochet PATTERN is available for instant download and includes written instructions, photos, and abbreviation keys, to help you successfully create this project.   ~~~~~∞§§∞~~~~~⌘⌘⌘~~~~~⌘⌘⌘~~~~~⌘⌘⌘~~~~~∞§§∞~~~~~  This listing is for a PDF PATTERN ONLY and not…

Crochet Poncho PATTERN / Striped Wrap / Made in Canada / "Bella Ombre Poncho"

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