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Rushing is always a recipe for disaster. Instead, stop, take a breather, and then come back to the project with a fresh set of eyes. Education, Quotes, Diy, Fresh, When You Know, Helping Others, Self Discipline, Complete Guide, Discipline
How to be a Modern Renaissance Woodworker
Rushing is always a recipe for disaster. Instead, stop, take a breather, and then come back to the project with a fresh set of eyes.
a sign that says how to choose a sharpener system you'll actually use
How to Choose a Sharpening System You Will Actually Use
If you don't use your sharpening tools, you might as well not have them at all. Here is how to avoid that problem and actually have sharp tools to use in your woodworking shop.
some wood with the words 13 great tips for using a wood scraper on it
13 Great Tips for Using a Wood Scraper
As a new woodworker, the cabinet scraper is a game changer. Get used to using this awesome and inexpensive tool early on, and you will save yourself thousands in sandpaper over a lifetime.
an all threaded poem is shown in black and white with the words, all threadd
Glossary PDF covering over 1,000 terms
Useful for making jigs, all thread is like a long rod with only bolt threads on it.
a sign that says the easest wood finish you will ever use on a table
How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil | Westfarthing Woodworks
the words how to pick the right beginner woodworking project on top of several different types
How to Pick the Right Beginner Woodworking Project | Westfarthing Woodworks
an orange background with white text that reads, it is tempting to see some amazing woodworking project and want to jump into it right away
Woodworking For Beginners Part 2
the words, 10 woodworking lessons i learned in india
10 Woodworking Lessons I learned in India
how to mix shellac with free mixing guide in westfarthing woodworking shop
How to Mix Shellac Flakes With Mixing Chart
tools are sitting on top of a workbench with the words, the truth that woodworking tools are dangerous
The Myth That Woodworking Tools are Dangerous | Westfarthing Woodworks
Woodworking tools aren't dangerous, you are, and that's both the problem and the solution all in one. Happy building.
a piece of wood with the words why you should be using brad's point drill bits
Why You Should be Using Brad Point Drill Bits
Brad point drill bits are a game changer, and they are a very useful type of drill to have in your shop if you are making larger diameter holes. This guide will show you why.
an open book with the title how to remove a stripped allen screw from woodworking
How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw
a sign that says how to make a growth chart ruler without a saw on it
Growth Chart Ruler with Silhouette | Westfarthing Woodworks
No cut tutorial for making a full sixe growth chart ruler at hime that you will love as a family treasure.
the secret to making professional looking string art by westfaithing woodwork com
The Secret to Making String Art | Westfarthing Woodworks
This is the best kept secret for making string art with nails that stand perfectly straight. There is also a tutorial for a string art heart to get you started. Enjoy.