Temozón House by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados

Temozón House / Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados

Designed by Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados, the Temozón House was built in 2013 in Yucatan, Mexico. Flaunting a distinct contemporary design that feature

Is this even outdoor?

P House / HAHN Design

Pehache Café | Buenos Aires

Comer rico en lugares con mucho diseño

Pehache Café | Buenos Aires

Comer rico en lugares con mucho diseño

Beautiful courtyard inside the Elena Garro Cultural Center Renovation by Fernanda Canales Arquitectura.

Old house in Mexico converted into a library with a concrete and glass frame by Fernanda Canales and Arquitectura

A Walk in the EKKO. concrete guides a continuous walkway. For amplifying the spiral feeling, microphones hidden between the beams record everything, and tiny speakers play back the remix creating a distorted echo.

"EKKO" by German artist,Thilo Frank. This permanent public installation in northern Denmark incorporates remixed audio playback of the sound of visitors' footsteps and voices as they walk through the installation.


Trussardi Café - The Unexpected Garden - Milano, Italia - 2008 - Carlo Ratti Associati

Voila House / Fabian Tan Architect | ArchDaily

Voila House / Fabian Tan Architect

Built by Fabian Tan Architect in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with date Images by Eiffel Chong. The brief was to transform a typical pitched roofed bungalow house into a modern contemporary home. The configuration.

Axial Symphony - Guangdong, China, 2012 Lam Wai Ming

Axial Symphony / Design Systems Ltd.

The undulating lawn is on the terrace of a penthouse called Axial Symphony in Shenzhen, China. axial symphony nice landscape design 10 pic on Design You Trust

Bucktown Three / Studio Dwell Architects | ArchDaily

Bucktown Three AD Submission / Studio Dwell Architects

Image 26 of 36 from gallery of Bucktown Three AD Submission / Studio Dwell Architects. Photograph by Marty Peters

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam

Galería de Ala de Bambú / Vo Trong Nghia - 1

‘Bamboo Wing’ is a Stunning Vietnamese Restaurant Made Entirely From Bamboo Vo Trong Nghia's Vietnamese Bamboo Wing restaurant – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

La Tallera / Frida Escobedo © Rafael Gamo

Gallery of La Tallera / Frida Escobedo - 7

Making the most out of natural light, the contrasts between the dark wood and the white wall create distinguished patterns from the shadow created by the pattern within the wood. (Frida Escobedo — La Tallera Siqueiros — Image 18 of 52 — Europaconcorsi)