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Anime picture with avatar: the last airbender toph beifong tagme (artist) single tall image short hair looking at viewer black hair green eyes close face dark girl traditional clothes hairclip

carororo your boat : Photo

So yeah here’s the full illustration of Korra I’ve been working on some weeks ago! I had lots of theories as to why I chose to draw all her versions this way, but I already forgot most of them LOL so just hope you enjoy anyway uvu GET THE POSTER HERE.

In the swamp... : Photo. I haven't finished this, but I should...

Aang, Katara, Zuko, & Toph fan art - Avatar <I feel like such a nitpicking fangirl, but they're not in order. But they're so pretty!

Abrir lo ojos , es mirar mejor, es perder el miedo, pero caminar con los ojos cerrados tiene un noseque. Debe ser la sensación de estar a la deriva, de tener que confiar en los demás sentidos, de d…

This is perfection. If you ever want to shut me up, let me ride shotgun, turn the music up, wind down the windows and drive me down a dark road under a starry sky.