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a blue and red building with people on the street
25 Stunning Designs with Colourful Overprint Effects
an orange and blue tie with crosses on it's side is seen in close up
Patterned Risograph Prints
an open book with different images on the cover and in it, there is a hand holding
JooHee Yoon
three different views of the same house in blue and red, each with an orange roof
Andres Lozano
a poster with different colors on it sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a white wall
Imperfection booklets : Risograph - out of print! — Zabriskie
a close up view of a pink and blue pattern
Patterned Risograph Prints
a yellow and blue poster with words on it that say,'dear door '
Alfalfa Studio
My Top 7 Risograph Lessons - Alfalfa Studio
an open book with various designs on it
Get started with Risograph printing
Get started with Risograph printing | Creative Bloq
a person holding up a piece of paper with pink and yellow flowers on it
Risograph print workshop, an illustration I created for my current uni project! 🌿🍃🍁 #Art #illustration #artoftheday #design #riso #risograph #risoprint #pink #print #yellow #neon #orange #forest #jungle #footprints #leaves
a child's drawing with green and orange ink on white paper in front of a brown background
RISO printed A3 poster from The Staches
a woman pointing at some art on the wall
UNCOATED | JORGEN KOOLWIJK | Graphic Design & Art Direction
a drawing of a tiger's face with green eyes and red, white, and blue stripes
Alison Headley - Paintings for Sale
an open book with pink and blue images on it
Tricolored Illustrations Inspired by a Random Walk using Google Street View