Obras en Venta - Betiana

Obras en Venta , Artista - Betiana En Juana de Arte Galería Av Santa Fe 2111 - Martínez - Bs As - Argentina juanadeartegaleria@gmail.com
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a painting of flowers in a blue vase on a table with the words sin tituo above it
an oil painting of a pink rose with the words sin titulo on it
a painting of red and yellow roses on a green background with the words roas amarillas
an oil painting of a path in the woods with trees on either side and words above it that read otno
a painting of an iron gate in front of a tree and fence with the words museum pleyfreddon on it
a painting of a boat on the water with trees in the background and text that reads la calma
a painting of a boat on the beach
a painting of a dirt road with trees in the foreground and an image of a red
a painting of a woman in a white dress by the ocean
a painting is shown with the words atadecer en misiones betana
a poster with the words service de publication de obra in green on black background