Fold a dollar bill into a Money Origami Shirt and Tie with my easy step-by-step instructions. Money shirts make a cute way to give a cash gifts or leave tips.


"kusudama paper flowers" The rag and bone has made these kusudama flowers from old book pages – and points us to some tutorials for making our own. [folding trees Kusudama flowers and


Spectacular Three-Dimensional Money Sculptures


Simple and adorable wedding decorations: paper origami hanging colorful backdrop. Such a great decoration idea for an outdoor wedding.


Money Pieces

How cool are these sculptures constructed from international bills? Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff skillfully folds, cuts, and pastes paper money from all over the world to create three-dimensional polygons

Oragami Manchurian

Origami: 15 Most Amazing Paper Sculptures

Origami: 15 Most Amazing Paper Sculptures (paper sculpture, cool origami) - ODDEE


An origami peacock. About 15 cm tall. Don't ask me why the back is so dark, it's not suposed to be like that Origami peacock

Book Oragami

Book Origami By Isaac Salazar

Isaac Salazar takes a book, makes a lot of folds on the inside pages and out pops a typographic phrase like: 'dream', 'read', 'create', 'love' or f'aith'. He calls this series of work - Book Origami. Salazar explains his work: “I see my work.

Oragami Flowers

wedding ideas Making these at the Origami Party tonight for Brandon and Shontas Wedding Reception centerpieces. The colors will be different, but equally as beautiful :) wedding-ideas

more oragami...

Spectacular Three-Dimensional Money Sculptures

Clever Currency Sculptures Money Pieces by Kristi Malakoff is a Series of Cash Creations


flowers * * * * Kusudama Tutorial Part 1 by foldingtrees: The Japanese kusudama is a paper ball made out of identical modules glued together. Here are the instructions for the basic module.