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a room with two desks and shelves filled with books
cork-study-surman-weston-architecture-london-uk_dezeen_2364_col_0.jpg |
two green doors with the number 55 painted on them in an empty room that is lit up
an orange ball sitting on top of a blue cabinet in a room with white walls
a garage filled with lots of tools and equipment
アメリカンガレージ。本場の情緒を感じる日米融合の空間。 | GARAGE LIFE | LIFE LABEL Magazine(ライフレーベルマガジン)
a room filled with lots of books and laptops
a living room filled with furniture and a wooden table
a room with wooden floors and lots of plants on the wall, along with a computer desk
無骨でクールな「インダストリアル」要素を加えた、おしゃれなインテリア実例まとめ | goodroom journal