Cómo evitar de forma natural que las babosas o caracoles deboren las plantas de nuestro jardín y cómo eliminarlas sin productos nocivos para la salud

Mini tip #2: Eliminar babosas y evitar que dañen tus plantas

it is difficult to imagine living in a flowerbed without tender peonies

colors, English garden inspiration (pink roses, purple thistles, dark-leaved actea and heuchera, variegated grasses)

in one miksbordere fine uzhivutsja plants such as Sage, agapanthus, hydrangeas, Echinops

I feel I need to invest in Annabelle Hydrangeas, purely because of their name. Garden border of Hydrangea Annabelle with Agapanthus, Salvia 'Mainacht' and Echinops ritro (globe thistle) What a beautiful combination!

Un rancho de 60m2 con mucha onda  Afuera, un espacio para disfrutar en familia..

Un rancho de 60m2 con mucha onda

Casual and cozy place with lots of inspiration; some color, natural textures and materials, access to outdoors, and easy-to-maintain stuff a.

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Show someone they're special with a gorgeous homemade gift. Our TIN CAN LANTERNS are beautiful presents KIDS CAN MAKE. Come and see how easily they can be made. Made these before I seen this post great craft idea with the kids*****