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an image of the sun setting over a river with trees and mountains in the background
What is Sunny 16 Rule? How to Use It In Modern Photography • PhotoTraces
The Sunny 16 Rule states that when you are using an aperture (or f-stop) of f/16 on a clear sunny day, you are encouraged to use a shutter speed that is the same as your ISO value. For example, if your ISO is set to 100, you use a shutter speed of 1/100. If your ISO is 400, you use a shutter speed of 1/400, and so forth.
a person holding up a camera with the words 29 places to sell photos online
21 Places to Sell Photos Online
a woman holding a camera up to her face with the words, photography apps for photographers
The 10 best photography apps for iPhone and Android in 2024
the words how to photograph your art to make prints are overlaided with images
How to Photograph Your Art to Make Prints — Messy Ever After
a person holding a camera with the words 7 skill - building photography exercises that really work
7 Skill-Building Photography Exercises That Really Work
a camera with the words do you set your camera settings in the correct order? find here
Do You Set Your Camera Settings in the Correct Order?
a woman sitting on top of a rock with the words photography tools i wish i knew about
10 Photography Tools I Wish I Knew About When I Started My Business
a camera sitting on top of a wooden table with text overlay that reads, 4 settings i set up first in camera when shooting manual mode
4 Settings I Set Up First When Shooting In Manual Mode
the words 101 things to photograph with examples and exercises
101 Things to Photograph (with examples & exercises!)
a camera with the words, my favorite expensive photo backgrounds on it's screen
My Favorite Inexpensive Photo Backgrounds - Erin's Inside Job
A look at the props and backgrounds I use to make my photos look professional. All SUPER cheap and SUPER accessible!
a table with food on it and the text 7 secrets how i make stunning travel photos with iphone
You can get a lot of tips and tricks about how you can get that perfect instagram photo. I believe that everyone can make beautiful photos. I have collected some tips & tricks that I always keep in mind while taking photos to get the best of every shot! These little secrets of mine will bring out the hidden photographer in you! Getting curious? #travel #instagram #hijab #photography #tips
two old black and white photos of men in suits, one with a moustache
How to Fix a Faded Photo — Pictures and Stories
a camera with the words how to take hires photos of your art for prints, guides and cards
How to Take Hi-Res Photos of Your Art For Prints, Giclees, and Art Cards
how to take hi-res photos of your art for prints, giclees and art cards