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two blue butterflies with gold accents on a white and beige background, one is in the foreground
27.07€ 50% de DESCUENTO|Cuadro De Pared Pintado A Mano Puro, Pintura Abstracta De Mariposa Con Lámina Dorada Sobre Lienzo, Cuadro De Pared Moderno, Pintura Al Óleo De Mariposa - Pintura Y Caligrafía - AliExpress
three butterflies on an orange and yellow background with words written in black ink, the image is
Life in a Snapshot: Without Change Gelli Printed Art Journal
a painting of butterflies and flowers on a checkered background with text that says,
Mariposas de colores
Imprimolandia: Mariposas de colores
a painting of three colorful butterflies on a wooden board with dragonflies in the background
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a colorful butterfly painting hanging on the wall
Palette knife butterfly painting. Amazing colors! Mariposa en acrílico y óleo con texturas. 1m x 1m