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How else are they gonna come up with an excuse?  #MassEffect

xD hmmm well I guess there is your continuity if you were going to change your facial features.

New New Citadel

Mass Effect: Best Commander Sherpard around, only saving peeps I feel like saving

You will only get this if you love Mass Effect as much as I do :)

After you yelled at me on Horizon you expected me not to go get some? You left me with a maybe. I don't wait around an entire game for a maybe in the next." I love Kaidan, but honestly man.

Oh my god. This is the truth now. Whoever thought of this should be a writer.

Ending Spoilers. "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead." Quotes used from the goodbye scene with Garrus. Like many, Mass Effect 3 was an emotional roller coa.