clay Saimon bass tutorial by

clay Saimon bass tutorial by on deviantART If you subtract the wire factor, this would also apply for an edible fondant guitar guitarra

Polymer Clay Cupcake Charms.

Items similar to Polymer Clay Cupcake Charm. Vanilla Cupcake and Sprinkles Pendant on Etsy

Dulce llavero .-

Features a green caramel apple, a swirl candy and a donuts with pastel sprinkles. Handmade from polymer clay Circus

Baby Seal Tutorial for Polymer Clay or Fondant

Another adorable kawaii clay baby harp seal picture tutorial. It's not in english, but the pictures seem pretty straight-forward.


Thanks for being here This baby Giraffe was almost tall. Made with Cold Porcelain.this clay is beautifully soft, clean & very easy to .