might be cool to take for a work breakfast? even though I don't do meat...others do.:

Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls

Hot Ham And Cheese Party Rolls - can Pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust - thinly sliced not shaved deli ham - thinly sliced Swiss cheese - butter - brown sugar - Dijon mustard - Worcestershire sauce - poppy seeds

Asparagus wrapped Prosciutto, yum!!

15 Healthy Snacks, Lunch & Dinner Recipes for Summer

12 asparagus spears 6 prosciutto slices Cut prosciutto strips in half lengthways. Wrap the bottom end of prosciutto over the asparagus start rolling in a spiral up, leaving tip exposed. Fry wrapped asparagus spears until prosciutto is brown and crispy.

1 taza de harina de trigo 1 taza de leche 4 claras de huevo 1 cucharada de margarina derretida

Masa para hacer Crepas

When you ditch bread, pasta, rice, refined cereals, sugary foods, preservatives and additives... everything changes. Remember, those so-called foods were NOT part of our diets thousands of years ago and not coincidentally, there were no incidents of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other conditions

Substitute a steak spice for the brown sugar. Wrap up your garden peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic, and mushrooms in steak! Paleo without brown sugar

Empanadas caprese de tomate, mozzarella, y albahaca

Caprese Empanada: Tomato and mozzarella give these empanadas an Italian flair. Serve with basil sauce for dipping and drift into a carb-induced food coma that you won’t want to wake up from.

Masa casera para empanadas de horno

How to make empanadas dough for baking. Easy recipe with step-by-step photos for homemade empanada dough. I tried this recipe and it was pretty good.

Las mejores empanaditas cubanas rellenas de carne molida, cebolla, pimentón y aceitunas.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Cuban Beef Empanadas Recipe With Homemade Dough

This is the BEST Cuban Empanadas recipe ever! So good with chimichurri sauce! This is one of my favorites and the best recipe ever!

Receta de Torta de Panqueques Fría con Palta, Lechuga, Tomate, Choclo y Jamón de Pavo | CherryTomate

Torta de Panqueques Fría

Receta de Torta de Panqueques Fría con Palta, Lechuga, Tomate, Choclo y Jamón de Pavo

Las empanadas de pollo picosito son la entrada perfecta para una comida con las amigas o con la familia. Son unas deliciosas empanadas de hojaldre rellenas de un rico pollo picosito, ¡están muy sabrosas!

Empanadas de Pollo Picosito

If you like to lick the brownie batter bowl, you'll love this healthful alternative!