Bolsito porta toallas sanitarias

Pattern Secret Pouch

Pattern Secret Pouch-For pads and tampons but also emergency needles and glucose tablets.

DIY Baby Bibs DIY Baby Bibs by diyforever

another project to do with the retirement folks, and all the great grand-children DIY Baby Bibs DIY Projects


Soft, cuddly plushies to all ages from infancy to adulthood. Plushies symbolizes emotions such as affection, empathy, intimacy and love.

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Cómo hacer un babero de bandana DIY

Bandanas, Das Baby, Bandana Bib, Manual, Sewing Projects, Drinking Tea, Sew Baby, Infant Crafts, Creative Ideas

Paso a paso para confeccionar un neceser étnico DIY . Ethnic Pouch:

Cómo hacer un neceser étnico DIY

Toilettas project : Pasa paso para confeccionar un neceser étnico DIY .