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an altered photograph of a woman in black and white with words all over her face
Collages 2017
Collages 2017 on Behance
a sculpture of two faces with trees in the back ground and one face partially obscured by branches
Pagesofme - a different angle by Artemisia52 on DeviantArt
Pagesofme - a different angle by Artemisia52 on DeviantArt
three mannequins are standing in front of a mirror
"I need you to work on being comfortable in your skin", photo by Ronny De Vylder, pinned by Ton van der Veer
a woman with white makeup holding her hands up to her face and looking at the camera
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Iris van Herpen Haute Couture SS2019 | Purely Inspiration
a woman sitting in front of five identical heads
Photo Collages & Mixed Media Artworks by Matthieu Bourel
Creative Makeup
a woman with her face covered by a jellyfish like object in front of her head
Fashion Scout on Twitter
Eruca Sativa ► © M.Görkem Kayhan •
Renaissance Collage Mechanism ► © Giuseppe Ragazzini •
► © Sankowski •
a black and white photo with multiple faces
Dark Silence In Suburbia
Kim Morley. Flickr