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there is a tower records store on the street
Iconic Tower Records in Hollywood....
an aerial view of a stadium and parking lot
Building Dodger Stadium,1962 - a photo on Flickriver
Building Dodger Stadium,1962 by ozfan22, via Flickr
an aerial view of a baseball stadium in the city
PHOTOS: 2015 LA Auto Show Preview – all the cars and concepts we’re looking forward to
Dodger Stadium, Dodgers- Los Angelas, CA
two people holding up their fingers in front of the sun setting over a cityscape
3 Types Of People, Places And Things That Drive Los Angelenos Crazy
an outdoor concert with people sitting on the stage and in front of it is a large crowd
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California
the city lights shine brightly in the distance as seen from atop a hill at night
A view of the city from the Hollywood Hills
Downtown LA view from the Hollywood Hills
an art installation with many different colored tiles on the walls and floor, along with several trees
Society Adventures: The Mosaic Tile House of Venice Beach
Society Adventures: The Mosaic Tile House of Venice Beach.
people walking on the sidewalk in front of shops and cars parked along the side walk
indypendent-thinking: August 1963, Hollywood Boulevard. On “The Walk of Fame."
the dome on top of a building with city lights in the background
Griffith Park observatory, LA, California
the hollywood sign is in front of some trees
Designer Clothes, Shoes & Bags for Women | SSENSE
an aerial view of a town on a hill
The hillsides of Hollywood are crowded with homes, it can be easy to forget there was once a time when Hollywoodland was a bit of a financial flop and nothing much was there. Near the bottom left corner, we can see the entrance to Hollywoodland—the darkish building near the bottom center is the sales office. Hollywoodland opened in circa,1923. The photo was mid-to-late circa 1920s.
a group of men standing next to each other on a hillside
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Hikers in Hollywood Hills Los Angeles (1932)