Pour ranger les petits morceaux de rubans récup' : enroule les sur des batons de glace en bois ! - ribon storage

Great ideas for ribbon storage using glass jars and wide Popsicle sticks. I use the wide popsicle stick idea. Haven't gotten the jar yet :)


Nice Way to Create a Small Sewing area in the corner of a Room.I think a Folding Room Divider would be a nice touch if you want to separate it in a Living Room, Bedroom, etc. so you can hide the clutter when you are working on a project.

little fabric gift pouch – it is the perfect size to gift some jewellery or other small item. http://www.handmadiya.com/2015/09/fabric-gift-pouch-tutorial.html

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Little diy fabric gift pouch is an awesome way to give special gifts – it is the perfect size to gift some jewelry or other small item

Homemade Christmas Gift Idea: Hot Chocolate Kits!

Check out these really awesome Hot-Chocolate-Kits! Take Kid Crafts to the next level with these adorable Hot Chocolate Kits. These would make an adorable Christmas gift for teachers or a Christmas favor for a Holiday Party.

Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers

Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers

New use: shoe boxes as drawer dividers. Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers Time for your lingerie drawer to step into line. Cut shoe boxes in half, along the length or width, and fill the resulting compartments with folded briefs, socks, or stacked bras.

DIY Ribbon Holder Tutorial. Wooden or metal paper towel holders are also great for this and you can pick them up at yard sales.

The Cottage Home: DIY Ribbon Holder Tutorial The house I bought last summer has several wooden paper towel holders hanging up or in a closet, probably purchased them in bulk? Such a great way to organize bias tape or ribbon!

When the perfect thread comes on a spool that's imperfectly sized for your sewing machine, place the spool in a heavy mug, and position it on your work surface directly underneath the spool pin.

a way to use large spool of thread on a standard machine. set the spool in a heavy cup and bring the thread around the spool pin so it makes a 90 degree turn to the thread guide. Set the cup directly under the spool pin.

2x1 Láminas De Diseño Con Frases Que Inspiran! Para Imprimir - $ 30,00 en MercadoLibre

Láminas De Diseño Para Imprimir Diseños Exclusivos

2x1 Láminas De Diseño Con Frases Que Inspiran! Para Imprimir - $ 30,00 en MercadoLibre

I don't know what this says, but it reminds me of a bathroom cup holder...sounds like an idea.....Um pequeno suporte de loja de artesanato pode ser usado para guardar acessórios de cabelo no banheiro de uma menina.

51 soluções de armazenamento revolucionárias que ampliarão seus horizontes

Etiquetas Autoadhesivas Frases Frascos Vasos Botellas X 55 - $ 79,90 en Mercado Libre

Etiquetas Autoadhesivas Frases Frascos Vasos Botellas 55

Cubre sillas denim

Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers

Recycled Denim Kid’s Chair Covers - perfect for storing all Art, Writing supplies, toys and loads of other cool stuff + they look great! Cute for large chairs small spaces.

a DIY'er came up with their own solution by using casters and plumbing pipes. For about $58 they crafted their own sliding barn door entrance. After spending only $20 for the set of doors they created a fabulous architectural detail . . . and all for $78

::: DIY : barn doors ::: Instead of buying an expensive barn door track kit, make one yourself. Fifty-eight dollars worth of hardware—including casters and plumbing pipes—transformed two salvaged 10 dollar doors into a barn-style entry.

Cuadros riginales Modernos Personalizados Frases

Frases Cuadros Modernos Originales Personalizados

diy home sweet home: 50 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

Ribbon dispenser from 2 plastic soda bottles. Put a disk of cardboard cut from cereal boxes in between each ribbon roll. Thread ribbon rolls on a dowel. The rubber bands hold the bottle together and also holds down the ribbons