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a lit candle sitting in a bowl filled with nuts on top of a wooden table
Centro de mesa para boda Sencillo y barato
a glass vase with flowers in it sitting on a white table cloth covered tablecloth
Table center pieces
a glass vase filled with blue flowers and a lit candle
Puedes aprovechar éstas características para decorar vuestra casa ya que las mismas son versátiles, y brindan un colorido agradable y una ...
a fish in a bowl with gravel inside
Natural Accents for Your Wedding Reception -
Natural Accents for Your Wedding Reception - Wedding Dash Blog Post
a glass filled with water and goldfish inside of it
a glass vase filled with water and rocks next to a goldfish in the bowl
DIY Centerpieces
Having a water themed wedding? Create unique water centerpieces by using fish bowls with pebbles in the bottom and goldfish swimming in it. This is an inexpensive way of creating the “wow factor” on your special day.