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a group of cartoon characters standing in front of a sign that says que las chicasas no podemos hager que
Los puestos laborales de una mujer son por debajo del hombre.
the spanish poster shows different types of people
a drawing of a man with words all over his body
patriarcado on Tumblr
some type of text that is in different languages on a blue and pink background with the words'patriacado ','machismo,'and'micromacchinsmo '
Una imagen vale Maskemil Palabras
an image of a woman's face with flowers in her hair and the words los canones de beleza mata on it
¿a través de mi?
a woman with her hand on her chin, in front of a green and white background
1 + Uno Mujer
a drawing of a man looking at a woman's face with the caption, she is talking to him
¿Micromachismos? Machismo sin más - Proyecto Kahlo
a woman in a green dress is pointing at the wall with words written on it
Tipos de Violencia contra la mujer y Micromachismos. 2020-08-26T03:10:48.608Z
a woman sitting on top of a yellow background with red strings hanging from her legs
a woman with her eyes closed and the words me ha prometido que va cambiar
Impactante campaña contra la violencia de género | Revista KENA México