Covered Patio Ideas | Light wooden solid patio cover design with a roof window.

Image detail for -if you are looking for nice solid patio cover designs - Gardening For Life

Fotos de Techos: fotos de estructuras metalicas para techos

Stunning Pergola Plans Providing Comfort for Outdoor Space: Wonderful Wine Country Modern Porch Design With Creative Pergola Plans Made From.

Arquitectura Mexicana Casa San Juan / C3 Arquitectos

Galería de Casa San Juan / C3 Arquitectos - 1

In the heart of San Juan Cosala, in the "Rivera de Chapala,” the Casa San Juan finds itself between imposing mountains to the north and the relaxing Lake Cha.


Cobertura de garagem em policarbonato preços e fotos

This is the design of car port I want. Perhaps smaller diameter timber posts and then double up on posts on each corner? Maybe have less rafters, probably over kill. Run Rafters inside fascia beam with purlins over top?

How Much Does a Solar Panel System Increase Your Home's Value has some information on to choose a carport for your home.

In case we need to build a carport on our future house. This one is perhaps a little too minimal considering the AZ sun, but is the right idea if you have to build a carport that goes in front of the house. Modern carport image by fibrisan on Photobucket

Merryn Road 40ª / Aamer Architects

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