Défilé Chanel: Automne-Hiver 2014-2015

Fascinating piece on Alençon lacemaking and it's history. The work put into this technique is phenomenal!

Alençon Lace

Alençon lace or point d'Alençon is a needle lace that originated in Alençon, France. It is sometimes called the “Queen of lace.” Lace making began in Alençon during the century and the local.


blue - embroidery - Betty visits Miss Simpkins allotment.X She returned with Sweet Peas and a Cauliflower - Michelle Holmes

Sampler (1649) ~ Linen, embroidered with linen, with cutwork and drawn thread work ~ V & A Museum ~ This is a type of sampler known as a band sampler, and its decoration incorporates different types of whitework embroidery and needle lace stitches. With the composition of band samplers comes the first clear indication in England of the form being used as a method of instruction and practice for girls learning needlework.

♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ england, Linen, embroidered with linen, with cutwork and drawn thread work

What a lovely embroidery..!! By Yumiko Higuchi

stitchery witchery

ART softcream 2012 - Mushrooms Embroidery 2012 - 12 CARDS 2012 - doragon 2012 - Spaghetti con Polpette 2011 - BROCCA 2011 - Lion and Flowers 2011 - Night Jungle 2011 - Sunflowers 2011 - Flag.

Reticella lace (early 17th century)  National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Cover (early century) ~ linen (embroidered lace) (cutwork and reticella) worked in Venice, Italy ~ 82 x 110 cm ~ Accession No: ~ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Felton Bequest, 1928