Crochet Puff Flower Stitch Free Pattern - I love Mollie flowers! I've only made about a million of them lately

Crochet Flower Stitch Free Patterns

Crochet Flower Stitch Free Patterns: crochet inline tulip stitch, open work flower stitch, rosebud stitch, and more inline flower pattern


Dang I wish it were crochet,,,,Hand Knit Hood Scarf From Cable pattern Merino Wool by tvkstyle no pattern - but it's so pretty!

Adjustable Fox Scarf Hand Knit Scarf / neck by QuiltNCrochet

LACE/BEIGE Fox Hand Knit scarf /neck warmer One size fits most Made with acrylic yarn. The scarf is very cute warm and nice Size:Kids length: width: Size : Adult length: ~ width: Machine or hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry.

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Fingerless Crochet Gloves Tutorial Pattern Pdf File, Gorgeous Crochet Arm Warmers With Flower Lyubava Crochet Pattern number 44

Букет голубых фиалок

Букет голубых фиалок

Crochet scarf. No pattern for this but I think it would be simple enough to…

One size fits most, but anyway is very easy customized length of neck warmer. Neck warmer is crochet in one piece, no sewing skills required. All project is.

CROCHET PATTERN SCARF  Floral Whisper scarf  by LiliaCraftParty

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