6 Fabulous [free] dingbat fonts

My Favorite Free Dingbat Fonts

Links to 6 Fabulous FREE Dingbat fonts! This graphic is just a sampling. there are a lot of great dingbats here! Can't pass up a free dingbat.


DIY 12 Free Fonts and Dingbats for a Hand Drawn Look Roundup from Uber Chic for Cheap here. I especially like the free dingbats - Cornucopia of Dingbats Three is really good. For more unique fonts.

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Motion theater - Alicia Carvalho

"Concept & corporate design for a fictitious theater. Project for final exams" by Caroline Grohs -


This poster has certainly caught my attention, and I do like the light and subtle type treatment and color choices. It really gives a cubist and abstract feel.

Free Digital Design, Fonts & Dingbats via @Nest of Posies

Free Digital Design Fonts & Dingbats via Dyne Dyne Dyne~Nest of Posies