DIY Crochet Flower Pattern DIY Crochet Flower Pattern I was thinking you could make two and turn it into a pillow.

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Free Pattern

Karin aan de haak: Onderzetter 1893 - Patroon Super easy to make! :) Very cute coasters :)

Free pattern ♥♥♥ HEART ♥♥♥

Portachiavi decora borsa – Keychain decorating bag

José Crochet: Free pattern ♥♥♥ HEART ♥♥♥ pattern is for the basic heart and then embellish at your will! What fun! Same pattern as the door stop (actually not a stop, but helps the door shut quietly by hanging over the top of the door) Thanks

Calcetas cortas DROPS con torsadas / trenzas en “Alaska”. ~ DROPS Design

These will make great bed socks or slippers for the m-i-l! Free pattern: Short socks with cables. I socks--this is perfect, especially for indoor slippers.

Tejida a mano pequeño poncho de algodón en trigo por MaxMelody

Hand knit Little cotton poncho Wheat sweater top scarf-ready