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/毕设/不生活设计“Useless Design”生活实验 on Behance China, Graphic Design, Design, Layout, Design Museum, Packaging Design, Communication Design, Typography Design, Design Competitions
/毕设/不生活设计“Useless Design”生活实验
/毕设/不生活设计“Useless Design”生活实验 on Behance
two colorful business cards on top of each other
Good Guys Finish First
Book Design / Illustrations Good Guys Finish First on Behance
a person is holding up a magazine with art work on the front and back cover
北京 | out.o studio 设计工作室
北京 | out.o studio 设计工作室
the collage has many different images and words on it, as well as hands holding papers
several pieces of paper are stacked on top of each other in different colors and shapes
Merveilleux souvenirs // Kit de cartes postales
three chinese flyers are sitting on a blue surface
纸醉金迷—2022 厕纸乐队巡演海报(常规版)
an open book with many different types of books on the cover and in it's pages
Aabbc Exhibition Branding
two pieces of paper with a house painted on the front and side, sitting in snow
Holiday Gift Guide: Advent Calendars – New York Family
an open book with various stickers on it and a green marker in the middle