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two colorful paper sculptures are shown against a white background
Tracy Sarroff Biography, Artworks & Exhibitions
an artistic sculpture is displayed on the floor in front of other art pieces and decorations
Hannah Lim’s delicately captivating works ask us to consider how designers have appropriated East and South East Asia
The London-based artist shares how cultural designs can be shared “as opposed to the appropriated” in a broad yet intricate practice.
an outdoor table and chairs are set up in the shape of a kiosk
I've always loved Japanese Re-ment miniatures, but I didn't really know about these Hong Kong/Chinese Mimo Shokugan ones until recently. ♥ Noodle shop set.
an outdoor food cart with several tables and chairs around it, including two orange stools
MIMO || Inspired by the popular Lan Fa Yuen Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong Central
a man standing in front of a food cart at night with his hands on the table
the outside of a building that has a small bar inside of it with shelves on each side
maki yoshimura wedges tiny box-like bakery shop between two houses in japan
maki yoshimura wedges tiny box-like bakery shop between two houses in japan
some people are standing at a food stand
a group of people standing on top of an escalator that is made out of cardboard boxes
NL architects morphs containers to create kiosks at seoul's dongdaemun plaza
some pink figurines are standing in front of a white structure that has stairs leading up to it
hyuntek yoon's hugging kiosk proposal for chicago architecture biennial
an image of a small ice cream carton
[งานออกแบบ] คีออส Whale Tea ขนาด 2x2.5 เมตร l บริการออกแบบ ผลิต และติดตั้งครบวงจร - hashtagstudio-design
an advertisement for the zagatto furniture line, with three different types of seats
【SELECTA(セレクタ) / KAIN(カイン),KUGEL(クーゲル)】プロシード カタログ | 総合家具
【ZAGATTO(ザガット)】プロシード カタログ | 総合家具
an illustrated diagram shows the different areas of a living room and dining area, with people in
MINI's co-living destination in Shanghai "brings know-how from vehicles into places"