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a collage of tennis related items including posters and advertisements for the us open, as well as sports memorabilia
Carrie Soto is Back Fan Edit
an image of a text that reads he was always game and thinks to his teenage, now so was i he'd interrupted me
michael crist
the text is in red and black on white paper with an image of a woman's face
kai mori
a collage of photos with some people in the background
falling off the cliff — kanitha p.
falling off the cliff by kanitha p. | thiago valencia | kamari monroe | full throttle series | book aesthetic
a collage of photos with the words, the upside of falling on top of them
Becca + Brett 🩷 #theupsideoffalling #upsideoffalling #beccabrett #love #booktok
the rose of sudd by danielle o'm o'moo is shown in this
The Rose of Suid, Isabelle Olmo (novella)
The Rose of Suid, Isabelle Olmo (novella)
the collage shows different types of people in their outfits and shoes, with text that reads
The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy
the cover of horror classics you need to read, with an image of trees in the background
an image of the cover art for various movies and books in black and white, with text that reads guide to the goth gf mind
Guide To the Goth GF Mind #tradgoth #goth #punk #siouxsiesioux #bauhaus #thecrow
One of the oldest types, as long-lived as rock "groupies": Teenage and 20-year-old girls who are awkward IRL, so are chronically online where they insist that goth is a music genre first and foremost (they're right), write and read poetry, wish they could go to clubs and concerts, tend towards depression, and often admit they've never been on a date. Can be cool if they're not occult-obsessed and don't take "goth" so seriously. Easily recognizable by their teased hair and Cleopatra eyeliner.
4 book recommendations: babel by r. f. kuang, if we were villians by m. l. rio, the secret history by donna tartt, and a deadly education by naomi novik
babel, if we were villians, the secret history, & a deadly education: all 5/5 star books in their own way imo!