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Nostalgia Always Hits Hard - 30 Pics

Old broken cassette. stock photo. Image of repairing - 23214900

Photo about Old broken cassette isolated on white. Image of repairing, fashioned, broken - 23214900

Original 1976 "Slime" (Mattel) smelled horrible, but, everyone had it. Gross thinking how most of the class shared the same kid's slime (who ever was spoiled/wealthy enough to have the lastest toys). "Hey can I play with your slime after math?

mattel toys from the 70%27s

Pastel diaper pins and cloth mom kept my diaper pins for many years - they were so cute.

O my goodness these jelly shoes brought bk a lot of fun memories! My best friend and I bought some, but I'm pretty sure they had a taller heel ! we wear these in Florida on the sand in Jelly sandals.

Tuesday Ten: Old Trends Die Hard

Los guarachitos muy lindos desde los 80s

(via The Little Red Shop: February

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Yo fuí a EGB.Los años 60's y 70's .La cocina y el menaje del hogar.


With Love, The Argentina Family: Memories of Tango and Kugel;

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Túnel del tiempo

...La visión de estas imágenes crea en mi mente un túnel del tiempo... ...pura magia...! ...

 Orange and lemon citrus slices sweets. A traditional Spanish sweet, especially for autumn and winter times.

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26 Memes que sólo tendrán sentido para quienes crecieron en el barrio

Si en tu escuela nunca se metió un perro callejero, a mitad de la clase, no has vivido.

Best Picture For healthy food recettes For Your Taste You are looking for something, and it is going to tell you exactly what you are looking for, and you didn’t …

La Bitacora del Vagabundo

Famosos Caramelos con Mentol “Pentro”, la delicia de muchos niños y adultos en la decadas 60s 70s y 80s en Venezuela.


Perfume old spice, llega hasta el presente a traer recuerdos

Perfume old spice. Como otros perfumes y colonias con sus fragancias eternas nos refrescan siempre la memoria trayendonos recuerdos de nuestro pasado. Old spice ya ha entrado en el grupo de perfumes inolvidables!