The kids can stay busy outside for hours if they have something to stretch their imagination. here are some fun outdoor games for kids to get you started.

Hopscotch Play Mat by A Girl and a Glue Gun - The Idea Room BTW, the reverse side has a target toss and tic-tac-toe!

An empty bottle of fizzy drink becomes a super cool toy for the kids.

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Water games are some of the best fun of the summer. Here are 19 fun water games you and your family can play at family reunions, play dates and more.

16 Ways To Make Your Backyard FUNtastic This Summer [Pinned to this board for the yard.the YARD, in the forest!

25 funnest diy Water activities and games for kids! Youve got to try some of these this summer!

Nothing beats the heat like the Water Fight, and these Sponge Bombs are sure to get everyone good and wet! The sponges are easy to make. What you need are sponges, scissors, and fi(Diy Ideas For Kids)

Water Relay- (Wet work student must be prepared for water time!) the first group who gets there water above the line wins.

Milk Jug Ball Catcher *** My kids had fun with this game. I didn't bother taping the edge of the milk jug, it wasn't sharp. We made a ball using leftover foil but any ball will do.

Paint slip n& slide! everyone should wear white t-shirts! - except I would SO do this in my white dress! Could you imagine the pictures? It& capture my personality perfectly.

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pour faire des bulles de savon:Make your own awesome Bubbles Blower out of a water bottle and straws!