Ren Ren

Ren Ren

Soñadora~ amante de muchas cosas~ me encanta descubrir cosas ♦ ♦ mente abierta ♣ "cada quién con sus cosas" excelente frase para la rutina diaria.
Ren Ren
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Bahaha, I'm caught between. Don't watch yaoi don't like it but I'll stick up for all genres of anime.except hentia.there's no way to excuse that<<<yaoi,,yaoi is hentai

Daily Lives of High school Boys

Scene from Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (daily lives of high school boys) funniest anime ever

haikyuu, bokuto, kuroo, akaashi

Actually I'd say that akaashi's body language is definitely closed off and maybe even a little insecure. The way he is holding his own hand could be an unconscious attempt at self comforting.Or mayb (Favorite Meme Laughing)

Dance with Devils Anime. I thinkhis name is Shikki. Haha one damn amazing anime!!!

Dance with Devils -Blight- Dance with Devils -Blight- manga, Read Dance with Devils -Blight- chapter, Dance with Devils -Blight- Page 13