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agustina guerrero · illustration

Agustina Guerrero — "There are days in which everything changes.

Diario de una volátil, Agustina Guerrero

Agustina Guerrero · Illustration ///// "Ok, I'm gonna organize the clothes I…

agustina guerrero · illustration

Ilustración con frases motivadoras: Agustina guerrero · illustration "what not to do when you're feeling down: think it won't pass. Because it will.

Agustina guerreo, diario de una volatil

"I love laughing" ·It heals depression, stress and sadness · Cleans the lungs · Oxygenates the brain and the body · Regularizes the p.

agustina guerrero · illustration

Volátil "nudo (knot)" by agustinaguerrero on Etsy - this is what I need to do today